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The Reasons...

Because every aspect of my life has been effected by my weight loss,
it is impossible for me to list all of the reasons
why commiting myself to a healthy lifestyle has been so very much worth the effort.
Here is my best shot at that.

      •  The way I feel!
      •  Breathing...just being able to with ease.
      •  Walking...just being able to with ease.
      •  Jogging...(I can't believe I can jog!)
      •  Sex!....nuff said :-)
      •  Having control over me!
      •  Enjoying food.
      •  Climbing stairs.
      •  Realizing that I am worth the effort it takes.
      •  Knowing that 'screwing up' one day, one week...even a year....will not make or break me.
      •  My doctor's face every time i see him!
      •  Realizing that I can get back on program just as quickly as I came off.
      •  Every aspect of my health improving.
      •  Realizing I never really grew up....and that I never want to! :-)
      •  People I know walking right past me because they don't recognize me.
      •  Knowing that the people I care most about have only benefited from me putting myself first.
      •  Learning how to forgive myself for not being perfect.
      •  My brother's face when he came home for a visit (we hadn't told him i'd lost over 100 pounds).
      •  Liking vegetables! (who woulda known?)
      •  Knowing how good I feel when I treat my body right.
      •  Watching people's faces when I tell them how much weight I've lost.
      •  The people that ask if they can 'touch me' to feel inspired.
      •  Learning that the small things make such a difference.
      •  Going on rides at the amusement park..and fitting.
      •  Knowing when I go back to disney, they won't have to put me on the back of that King Kong ride again!
      •  Being aware that it's the quality of my life that matters most.
      •  Not being so afraid of getting the diabetes that runs in my family.
      •  Knowing that I am doing the best that I can do for myself.
      •  My husband being able to get his arms around me.
      •  My kids being able to get their arms around me.
      •  Not having the fear of being able to fit in a booth at a resturaunt.
      •  Fitting into those tiny bathroom stalls.
      •  Fitting through turnstyles.
      •  People actually offering me food.
      •  Fitting behind the steering wheel...really!
      •  Being able to get a seat belt around me.
      •  Being able to fly in an airplane comfortably.
      •  Being able to stand the right way on a regular scale.
      •  Getting weighed without having to add that extra little weight to the scale.
      •  Being able to find clothes that fit in a regular store rather than having to order the biggest sizes through a catalog.
      •  Wearing something and actually liking how i look in it!
      •  Being able to shop in the 'normal' section of a store.
      •  Having a lap!
      •  Fitting in the seat at the movies comfortably.
      •  Not being afraid of breaking the chair by sitting in it.
      •  Being able to sit comfortably.
      •  Finding bones I never knew I had!
      •  Sleeping better and waking up more refreshed.
      •  Setting a good example for my children and being able to teach them the tools for good health.
      •  Knowing nothing tastes as good as I feel.
      •  Knowing how proud my father was of me for taking control.
      •  Having the benefit of 'being there' and not judging others because of their size!
      •  ENERGY!!! Ziiiiiiiiiing! hehe
      •  The attention I get from men! Yup, I love it!
      •  My kids friends telling me I'm pretty. (awwwwwwwwwwww)
      •  Being empowered enough to realize that I can do anything I set my mind to!
      •  Being able to help and inspire other people to help themselves as I continue help myself.
      •  Being able to cross my legs!
      •  My husband being able to pick me up in his arms.
      •  Having leftovers!
      •  Wearing sexy lingerie.
      •  My knees are so much happier!
      •  My ankles are so much happier!
      •  My hips are so much happier!
      •  Having to have a guard put on my wedding ring.....AFTER already having had it resized 4 sizes!!!
      •  Going down two shoe sizes.
      •  Being cold all the time...instead of sweating all of the time like I used to.
      •  Bending over without cutting off circulation.
      •  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a 48 'I' cup?!
      •  Having just one chin!
      •  The woman who said.... " mean you used to be that really BIG lady?" hehe
      •  No more broken toilet seats.
      •  The track marks on my treadmill!
      •  Being able to jump up and into an 18" window after locking myself out of my house!
      •  To not just exist through life.....but to LIVE!
      •  My daughter saying she wants to look like me. :)

...this list will continue to grow.

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