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Help Support G2G

Help Support Getting2Goal

Getting2Goal began in May of 2000.
Since that time hundreds of pages have been added and it has grown to be a huge source of support and inspiration for those fighting the battle of weight loss. I am incredibly proud of it's succcess as well as the success of our members who are helping to both motivate and educate the entire world. In our message forums we have created a truly unique environment where some of the most wonderful people gather daily to both give and receive support. Our Goal Getters have been incredibly successful and our Success Stories help to inspire so many. I am flooded with emails daily from people expressing their thanks for sharing and for helping them to believe in themselves through my own experiences and the sharing of others.

All of this does not come without a cost.
There are many fees associated with running a website. My family has supported all costs since it's start. I am often contacted by organizations offering to help defray these costs through ads or links to their own services but I refuse to place ads for that which I do not support on the Getting2Goal site or have it's name associated with such practices.
I will continue to stand by this belief.

Because of it's success, it has also become a full time job for me to administrate, maintain and continue to update as often as possible. A job I have a GREAT passion for and that does more for my spirit then anything else, but a job none-the-less and I now must begin treating it as such.
In the past, many of you have contacted me with offers of financial support to help with the costs of maintaining this site and the message board. I have replied by telling you that there would come a time I would accept these kinds of contributions.

I have now signed up with PayPal so that anyone wishing to help can now contribute to the website through a secure authorized payment processor. If you are able to, please contribute what you can so that we may continue the mission of this this website and so that I can spend as much time and effort on these pages.
If you wish to send something to me directly, please Contact Me for more information.

Nobody understands as well as those that have 'been there'.
My wish is that we continue to grow and reach even more people....
continue our support of each other....
and continue helping the world understand what it truly takes to change your life for the better.
I cannot do this alone or without financial assistance from those who visit and take part in what Getting2Goal offers.

With many thanks,

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